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Diet for Hyperthyroidism

Once you have determined that you are suffering from hyperthyroidism, there are certain changes that you must bring in your diet. Unlike Hypothyroidism, in hyperthyroidism your body processes are flared up. However, it often goes undetected until it becomes serious.

 To control this heightened body processes you need foods that will regulate the thyroid levels and hence reduce the pace of your body processes. In this blog we will be discussing the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs that you can eat when suffering from hyperthyroidism.

We advise you that before starting any home based diet consult your doctor and check for allergies. Also ask for the right quantity for your body. The effects will defer depending upon the stage of your disease and your age. 

Here is a quick list of things that will act as a regulator to the heightened pace of your body processes.

Vegetables to eat during hyperthyroidism

1. Cruciferous Vegetables

The cruciferous vegetables are rich in isothiocyanates and goitrogens that will help you reduce the excess thyroid level in your body. Here is a short list of cruciferous vegetables that you must eat while suffering from hyperthyroidism.

·        Cauliflower
·        Broccoli
·        Cabbage
·        Brussels sprouts
·        Radishes

Nuts to eat during hyperthyroidism

2.  Walnuts

The omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts will help you replenish your fatty acid stock. It will also help you build the immune system that will take a hit in hyperthyroidism. Along with walnuts the other things that you can eat are as follows

·        Sardines
·        Flaxseeds
·        Fish
·        Canola Oil

Herbs to eat during hyperthyroidism

3. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is one of the best herbs that can reduce the thyroid level in your body. It contains flavonoids and phenolic acid that helps you control the thyroid level.

Fruits to eat during hyperthyroidism

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Antioxidants play a vital role in your body. It keeps your skin and body healthy. In hyperthyroidism the antioxidants are consumed at a rapid rate. Hence you need to maintain the necessary levels of it in your body. To do that you can eat fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants.

·        Berries
·        Grapes
·        Spinach
·        Corn
·        Beetroot

Meat to eat during hyperthyroidism

5.  Meat

The extra thyroid and incredible digestion rate will also decrease your body protein. We know the source of proteins and we can use it to keep the protein level under control.
Here’s a list of the protein foods that you can eat

·        Processed Meats
·        Nuts
·        Nut butters
·        Eggs
·        Fish
·        Pulses

Home Based Remedies for Hyperthyroidism

These are some of the natural remedies that will help you tackle the thyroid in the comfort of your home.

1.    Use rosemary tea or chamomile tea for the palpitations during hyperthyroidism.

2.    Use amla juice to boost your immunity.

3.    Consume two spoons of raw ghee to increase the good fat in your body.

4.     Consume basil and ginger in hot water early morning to reduce inflammation in body.

Word of Caution - Usage of home remedies is not generalised! Please consult a doctor or nutritionist for consuming any of the above.

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