Wednesday, 20 June 2018

'There are Amazing Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen' Dr Nidhi

This conversation with Dr Nidhi changed my perspective of looking at things in my kitchen. Who would have thought that in a sudden break of pain we could run into the kitchen and apply herbs that are available in abundance rather than fiddling through our first aid box to find the only medicine which is not there.

Going through this conversation will open your eyes to the most awesome natural painkillers that are available in our kitchen. Well most of the time they are!

Rajat : I remember that whenever I suffered from a toothache, backache or any other general pain, my first impulse would be to take a pill. It’s easy and works most of the time.

Dr Nidhi : Though many people rely on medications to relieve pain, pills come with their share of side effects. Instead, consider holistic healthcare wherein you can get the relief you need from natural painkillers.

By opting for integrated healthcare, you can look forward to a long and fit lifestyle without the harmful consequences of medicines.

Rajat: What kinds of healthcare are we talking about? When people say holistic health care I see a mortar and pestle that I need to grab and diligently prepare a potent mixture in a matter of hours.

Dr Nidhi: No, a mortar and pestle won’t be required at all time there are certain things that you can do with no hassle at all. Here are some natural home remedies that can be applied in seconds and will relieve your pain in minutes.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric powder a natural pain killer spread on a white background

The spice that gives Indian curries its bright yellow colour and distinct flavour contains curcumin. It’s an antioxidant that protects our body from free radical tissues which can damage our cells and tissue. Turmeric can be used to treat indigestion, ulcers, stomach upset, and inflammation. For inflammation the turmeric powder can be directly applied and for ulcers it can be taken with milk.

2. Cloves

Cloves and clove powder

Cloves are often used to spice up meat and other delicacies. As a medicine, clove is found in powdered form, as a capsule and even as clove oil. Clove is helpful to ease nausea and common colds. Cloves can reduce the pain related to headaches, arthritic inflammation, and toothaches and are also used as typical pain relievers.

3. Fish Oil

fish and fish oil in a bottle

Fish oil has a strong reputation for improving heart health. It is also now recognised for its anti-inflammatory properties that can help in naturally relieving pain. If you’re suffering from neck and back pain or arthritis pains, consider opting for fish oil rather than taking pharmaceutical pain relievers.

Rajat : But, don’t you think that pills help the pain as it numbs the part and gives instant relief ?

Dr Nidhi: That’s true but over the course of years pills have shown some serious side effects which gives all the more reason to go for a natural painkiller options. Like ginger, Epsom salt and other essential oils.

4. Ginger

ginger powder in a bowl

One of the spices that’s been around for hundreds of years to treat pain is Ginger. If you’re suffering from general pain, have a sore throat, painful muscles or feeling fatigued, resort to ginger and you’ll feel much better. The compounds in ginger work as a group to offer antioxidant benefits to prevent the radical production connected to pain and inflammation.

5. Epsom Salt

epsom salt, a natural pain killer, in a bowl

Most of us know that Epsom salt is a natural painkiller for joint pain and muscle soreness. It is also a go-to remedy to treat heel-spur pain and can come in handy if you’re troubled with a painful sprinter. Many moms also find it useful to treat post childbirth soreness.

6. Essential Oils 

essential oil in a bottle

Holistic health treatments involve using essential oils in various ways. You can consider aromatherapy (inhaling them) or include a few drops in your massage oil as part of a therapeutic massage. Oils like peppermint, rosemary, and lavender have an analgesic effect that helps to treat headaches and reduce post-workout muscle pain.

Rajat: Well that just clears a lot of things, not one remedy that you mentioned will be hard to find in my kitchen. Thanks for the information Dr Nidhi. Any parting advice that your wish to give us.

Dr Nidhi: Healing is not just about the pain, but also about your mind, body, and soul. When you opt for holistic health treatments, you can be assured of a lasting effect for a better self. Some other holistic healthcare solutions you can try are acupuncture, yoga, and meditation to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

As you can see there are number of reasons to choose natural pain killers rather than harping on strong medicine. We hope in this blog we were able to explain how Integrated healthcare in Pune focuses on developing a healthy mind and body that doesn’t rely on medications to treat pain, but more on comprehensive care for the future. And there’s no better place than nature to find solutions to your pain and build strength in your body!

If this blog helped you, then must visit the only integrated healthcare centre in Pune, Dr Nidhi’s PHCC to get benefit and lead the conversation further.

Word of Caution - Usage of home remedies is not generalised! Please consult a doctor or nutritionist for consuming any of the above.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Your Guide to Diabetes and The Best Natural Ways to Control It

Unfortunately, India is known as the Diabetes capital of the world. Nearly 50 million people in our country suffer from diabetes. We have a big challenge to control diabetes and prevent it from occurring in our future generations. We can only do that when we know what it is, what causes it and how to cure it naturally.

Understanding Diabetes 

The elevated sugar level in our blood is called diabetes. The two main reasons for this include – when our body doesn’t produce insulin and when our body doesn’t respond to the insulin produced. Normally, insulin is broken down by our body and used as energy that is transported to our cells. Type I and Type II are the two kinds of diabetes, out of which Type II is more common in India. Type I is when the body is partly or entirely unable to produce insulin and is commonly found in people below the age of 20. In Type II diabetes, the pancreas produces insulin but the body can’t respond to it. It usually occurs in people above the age of 40. The reasons behind Type II diabetes include hormone imbalance, high-stress levels, poor diet, particular medications and leading a sedentary lifestyle. 

What’s The Cure?

If you want to live a medicine free life, you can opt for many natural home remedies to keep your diabetes under control. Simple things like regular exercise, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and controlling stress levels can play a major role in regulating your sugar levels. You also need to focus on a diabetes-friendly diet plan and can try homeopathy for long-term benefits. 

We bring you some natural ways to keep your sugar levels within limits:

1. Eggs 

How eggs fight diabetes ?

They are known to reduce the risk of heart disease. They control blood sugar, protect eye health and keep your stomach full. Eat whole eggs as the benefits of eggs are primarily due to nutrients found in the yolk rather than the white.

2. Chia seeds 

how chia seeds help reduce blood pressure.

They contain high amounts of fiber, are low in digestible carbs and may decrease blood pressure and inflammation too. Due to its high fiber content it reduces sugar by keeping your stomach full for longer time. 

3. Turmeric

How turmeric fights heart and kidney disease

Turmeric contains curcumin, which may reduce blood sugar levels and inflammation, while protecting against heart and kidney disease. Have it at bedtime with milk and ghee to strengthen your inner mechanism.

4. Flaxseeds 

How Flaxseeds tackle inflammation

They may reduce inflammation, lower heart disease risk, decrease blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Have one teaspoon only as more than that increases your fat content in blood.

5. Garlic  

How garlic lowers the blood sugar

It helps lower blood sugar, inflammation, LDL cholesterol and blood pressure in people with diabetes. Two cloves grated can be taken any time with lukewarm water to fight diabetes.  

6. The Bitter Yet Better Aloe Vera

How aloe vera reduces sugar level in your body

Though Aloe Vera has a bitter taste, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can control blood sugar levels. You can combine it with buttermilk to enhance its taste and consume it regularly to lower the risks of diabetes.

7. A Sprinkle of Cinnamon

How a pinch of cinnamon restores the insulin level

A bioactive compound in Cinnamon can help in fighting and preventing diabetes. Studies show that cinnamon can reduce the blood sugar levels by 29% as it stimulates the insulin activity in the body. It may also improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels in type 2 diabetics. Only pinch of it with warm water and consume it daily is enough to play its role. 

8.  Eat Fenugreek Seeds

fenugreek seeds helps in glucose tolerance

As fenugreek seeds are a good source of soluble fibre, they help in controlling blood sugar levels in our body. They can also help in reducing fasting glucose and enhancing glucose tolerance. These are one of the safest herbs for diabetes and can be added to baked goods, consumed after soaking at night or brewed into your daily tea. You can use it before or after your meals.

Knowledge is good but Usage of all the above medicinal foods depend on your sugar levels so better consult and then experiment!

Here are the things that you should definitely avoid when suffering from diabetes. 

Things not to have ever if you have diabetes 

1. Sodas and Sweet Drinks 

These are high in carbs, which increases blood sugar. Also, their high fructose content has been linked to insulin resistance and an increased risk of obesity, fatty liver and other diseases.

2. Trans Fats

Trans fats are found in margarines, peanut butter, spreads, creamers and frozen dinners, crackers, muffins and other baked goods. They increase the bad cholesterol which again leads to high sugar in blood. People with high trans-fat content are more prone for heart diseases. 

3. White Bread, Pasta and Rice

These are high in carbs yet low in fiber. This combination can result in high blood sugar levels. When suffering with diabetes you must always opt for high-fiber. The whole foods help in reducing blood sugar response.

4. Fruit-Flavored Yogurts

They are usually low in fat but high in sugar, which can lead to higher blood sugar and insulin levels. Plain, whole-milk yogurt is a better choice for diabetes control and overall health.

5. Breakfast Cereals

Cereals are high in carbs but low in protein. A high-protein, low-carb breakfast is the best option for diabetes and appetite control.

6. Flavored Coffee Drinks

These are very high in liquid carbs, which can raise blood sugar levels and fail to satisfy your hunger. To keep your blood sugar under control and prevent weight gain chooses plain coffee or espresso with a tablespoon of milk or heavy cream.

7. Unsweetened Fruit Juice 

As crazy it may sound but unsweetened fruit juice contains at least as much sugar as sodas do. Its high fructose content can worsen insulin resistance, promote weight gain and increase the risk of heart disease. A much better alternative is to enjoy water with a wedge of lemon, which provides less than 1 gram of carbs and is virtually calorie-free.

Things to avoid in diabetes

The key to leading a medicine free life from diabetes is to focus on your lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight. Weight control promotes healthy blood sugar levels and can also reduce your risk of developing diabetes. With the help of these home remedies and some effective homeopathy cures, you can keep your diabetes under control and live a better quality of life in the long run.

Word of Caution - Usage of home remedies is not generalised! Please consult a doctor or nutritionist for consuming any of the above.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

6 All-Natural Antiviral Remedies to Boost Immunity and Fight Illnesses

There’s a lot of exhaustion and dread that comes along with fighting a viral infection like cold, cough or the flu. The symptoms of nausea, fever, congestion and weakness can sometimes to too much to bear. Generally, these symptoms will take you to your doctor’s office, get some prescriptions and start medications. However, in case of some viruses, you can actually get a prescription from nature and live a medicine free life!

Why Choose Natural Home Remedies? 

With the case of prescription medicines, the list of side effects can be longer than the list of benefits. Though medicines offer short-term relief, they aren’t advisable for the long-term. On the contrary, antiviral herbs have minimum side effects and help in boosting your immunity in the long run. Most of these remedies have been used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. When you stick with natural remedies, you can stop the viruses in their tracks and avoid all the chemical toxins that are often found in prescription medicines. So rather than opting for a dose of antibiotics, consider homeopathy or home remedies to treat your viral infections and stay healthy and fit. 

We bring you 6 all-natural remedies you can try at home whenever you feel under the weather:

1. Honey

The role of honey in boosting immunity

It is one of the oldest cures for many ailments. It is anti-bacterial and has gained recognition even in modern medicine due to its countless benefits. It helps in the prevention and treatment of respiratory illnesses and provides relief to children who might be suffering from constant respiratory problems.

2. Neem

the role of neem in boosting immunity

The medicinal neem tree is a common sight in India. Neem has a number of anti-bacterial properties and has been recommended in Ayurveda for its purifying abilities. You can eat neem or even apply it locally to get relief from particular ailments.

3. Garlic

the role of garlic in boosting immunity

Research shows that the specific components found in garlic are extremely effective in killing various microorganisms that are responsible for some of the most common and rare infections. Due to the antiviral properties, garlic helps in treating eye infections and acts as a natural ear infection remedy. Raw garlic is also known to boost cardiovascular health, fight hair fall, reduce cancer risks and control hypertension.

4. Turmeric 

the role of turmeric in boosting immunity

One of the most potent natural antibiotics, turmeric is a culinary staple and an integral part of Indian recipes. It is antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory too. It is considered good for colds, upset stomachs, sinus infections and to boost overall immunity of the body.

5. Oil of Oregano

the role of oregano oil in boosting immunity

This is another potent antibiotic that treats pathogenic bacteria without getting rid of the beneficial bacteria in the body. It contains some strong anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that make it a natural antibiotic. This is one of the home remedies that can rival even the most powerful antibiotic in your neighbourhood pharmacy!

6. Ginger

the role of ginger in boosting immunity

It can cure colds, sore throats and sinus infections due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. The spicy taste also promotes clearer breathing and offers relief to the throat. It is also known to reduce generic pain and soothe upset stomachs. 

If you’re looking forward to living a medicine free life, you should consider adding these magical herbs and natural remedies to your diet. You can also opt for homeopathy treatments to get relief from viral infections and stay healthy and fit in the long run.

Word of Caution - Usage of home remedies is not generalised! Please consult a doctor or nutritionist for consuming any of the above.